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Your path to IELTS Success starts here:

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understand the IELTS exam

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Are you overwhelmed with where to
start with preparing for IELTS?

There are hundreds of websites on the internet giving advice and an overload of information on the different sections of the IELTS exam. Some of them also give false information - so it is difficult to know who to trust or where to begin.

When you have little time to prepare for the exam because your University Application deadline is coming up or because of other commitments, you do not want to waste your time on silly advice or feeling confused, lost and unprepared for the exam.  If you do it that way, you would most likely need to retake the IELTS test over and over - which is expensive, stressful and a waste of time and energy.

With Effective IELTS, we want to avoid exactly that. With us, you won't be lost. On this site you will find the ultimate guide to passing the IELTS exam with easy to follow guidelines which are based on official resources and tried and tested methods. As an experienced an qualified IELTS coach, not only do I help students prepare for the exam but I also coach teachers on how to help students pass the exam. 

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What we offer

For students who are preparing for the IELTS exam, we have found that step by step lessons, high quality sample answers and real life people to talk to is the most important.


Easy to follow lessons with interactive quizzes and videos following a clear IELTS plan and guide

Sample Answers

We give you breakdowns of how to plan these answers, what makes our Band 8 or 9 sample answers good and useful vocabulary.


Get badges from completing the lessons, ask questions in the community and connect. Members only tips and guidance

What students say

We've helped students all around the world achieve their goals. Here is what they have to say - 

Aiace, Italy

Strongly recommended! She provides methods for each part of IELTS exam! Thank you!

Praveen, Sri Lanka

Ciske is very talented English teacher and one of the best English teacher i ever had, I'm practicing for my IELTS exam with her and she helps me to practice Reading, Writing, Speaking and listening. More importantly she gives me lots of tips and tricks to get a higher score. Ciske's lessons are well prepared and very interesting to learn. If you want to improve your English language you came to the correct place 😊

Shaikha, Qatar

Despite the short time I had with her for practice, Ciske helped me get the desired IELTS band score! She is so enthusiastic and helpful not only in practicing writing, but also speaking with confidence! Thank you, Ciske!

Erkka, Finland

What could be a better way to learn English than to have exciting and engaging conversations with your teacher while she corrects you or suggests better ways to express yourself? I'm happy to give her my highest recommendations.

Alexey, Czech Republic

Hello, I would like to share my experience. My lessons with Ciskey were so useful! Actually, not only does it help me to boost my vocabulary, but it also unleashed my potential! Moreover, I've reached my IELTS score. I'm really grateful for that.

Cristina, Greece

"After 4 times of taking the IELTS exam in the past and failing to achieve my target scores, Ciske helped me obtain the marks I needed in the most enjoyable way possible. I cannot thank her enough and I truly recommend her as a tutor!"

Dmitri, Russia

Ciske is a very professional tutor. She can easily help you improve your English and get rid of bad habits. Her main distinguishing feature is the ability to provide students with accurate and useful advice. And more importantly, her lessons are very interesting and engaging.

Emilia, Ukraine

Ciske is a friendly and creative teacher. She provides materials for lessons and recommends sources for individual study. I enjoyed every lesson and found her tips extremely useful in my IELTS preparations.

Alisa, Germany

"Ciske is a great tutor! My goal was to pass the exam IELTS 0.5 score higher than my previous result. There were only 10 days for exam preparation! Thanks to my teacher, I did it!"

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Lessons for IELTS

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Sample Answers


Your path to IELTS Success starts here


Hello, I'm Ciske. 

Thank you for visiting Effective IELTS. 

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