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Can I get a refund for the Writing Course

If you purchased the Writing Course before the launch date and you would like a refund before 1 November 2021, then yes. Please just give us a few days to process it. If you want a refund after 1 November, unfortunately not. You see, you would have already had access to all our hard work and valuable information. Contact us if you're not happy, but we can assure you that you'll really want to do this course--its so worth it!

I didn't receive my digital download after I paid for it. 

Contact me directly, with proof of payment and I will send it to you directly. Sometimes technology can be a little difficult. 

Can I get a refund for the Vocabulary Pack/digital download if I don't want it anymore?

No, unfortunately not. Since it is a digital download, it is now yours and can't be returned because you've already seen it and possibly benefited from all the cool information on it. But, we are confident that it will be useful to you! If you would like to give any feedback on it, please send us a message.

Are you available for 1 on 1 lessons?

Generally no. I have limited available time and it is difficult to give away each hour to individual students because I really want to try and help everyone. I am always happy to help with an IELTS Score Predictor Lesson with feedback and I will try and answer any questions via email!

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