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IELTS Model Example - Problem & Solutions Essay


In many cities, traffic congestion has become a significant issue, leading to numerous problems for both individuals and society as a whole. What are the main causes of this problem, and what measures can be taken to alleviate traffic congestion effectively?

This is a Problems and Solutions IELTS essay question type - let's practice writing before looking at the example.

How do I plan my answer?

Here are some ideas on how to plan your answer: Introduction paragraph:

  • Start with a general statement about the topic of traffic congestion.

  • Provide some background information about the issue and its significance.

  • State your thesis statement, which should indicate that you will discuss the causes of traffic congestion and propose effective measures to alleviate it.

Body paragraph 1 - Causes:

  • Begin by introducing the main cause of traffic congestion (e.g., rapid urbanization, increasing population, inadequate infrastructure).

  • Explain how this cause contributes to the problem, providing specific examples and evidence.

  • Discuss any related factors that exacerbate the situation (e.g., lack of public transportation, poor city planning).

  • Conclude the paragraph by emphasizing the importance of addressing these causes to alleviate traffic congestion.

Body paragraph 2 - Solutions:

  • Start by introducing one effective solution to alleviate traffic congestion (e.g., improving public transportation).

  • Explain the benefits of implementing this solution (e.g., reduced traffic volume, decreased reliance on private vehicles).

  • Provide examples of cities or countries where this solution has been successful.

  • Discuss any potential challenges or drawbacks that may arise when implementing the solution.

  • Present additional solutions in separate paragraphs, following the same structure as above.

Conclusion paragraph:

  • Summarize the main causes of traffic congestion discussed in the essay.

  • Highlight the proposed solutions and their potential effectiveness.

  • Emphasize the need for a comprehensive approach involving multiple solutions.

  • Conclude by reiterating the importance of taking action to address traffic congestion for the benefit of individuals and society.

Remember to use appropriate linking words and phrases to connect your ideas and maintain coherence throughout your essay.

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